Best Babysitting Apps For Parents To Use


Babysitting, like any other business, has moved online, providing you all of the benefits and conveniences that you could imagine. When you need someone to watch the kids but don’t have time to sit down and do the research, use one of these handy babysitter apps to do the work for you. Here is a list of the best babysitting apps for parents to download and use.

Best Babysitting Apps For Parents


best babysitting apps: UrbanSitter

If you’re new to the idea of looking for a babysitter online, UrbanSitter is a terrific place to start. One of the most common concerns among potential babysitter app users is leaving their child with a stranger. UrbanSitter has a clever solution for this.

It generates a database of trustworthy caregivers from local networks and people you already know by tapping into your social media accounts throughout the web.
Caregivers are listed here based on mutual friends you trust who have used the app, which may be a huge relief for parents because it’s practically a prepared referral at your fingers.

It also allows you to tap into existing communities and groups that your children are a part of, such as sports teams, music courses, schools (both elementary and preschool), and even religious organizations.


Sittercity is a babysitting software that works like a social media site, allowing you to quickly and conveniently learn everything you need to know about possible sitters. Personal information, location, experience, talents, and parent feedback are all included in each babysitter’s profile. Before allowing a caregiver to join the Sittercity community, the firm does a background check utilizing numerous databases to ensure that they are trustworthy. They then double-check the profiles for authenticity and review. Parents can also use the app to conduct their own background and identification checks.

Sittercity is also one of the greatest babysitting apps available because of the independence and flexibility it provides.


best babysitting apps: Bambino

Parents can use Bambino to discover a babysitter who lives nearby and has previously sat for individuals they know. Sitters must sign up with their Facebook profile and receive a referral from someone in the neighborhood in order to use the app. Prospective babysitters must also agree to quality inspections of their profiles and random checks of their social media accounts to identify any hazards based on the information they provide.

Parents choose who sees their babysitting requests rather than putting them on Bambino. When parents use the app to choose a babysitter, the caregivers are grouped by who you know, who your friends know, and then by distance, allowing you to choose among sitters who have already been tried and trusted by your friends and community.

This is one of the best babysitting apps. has a large number of local babysitters to pick from. Because it’s one of the most popular sites, more sitters are likely to sign up. Parents’ profiles include information such as how many children they have, their ages, and the type of care they require. References and background checks are included in sitter profiles though these are optional and come with a fee.

Because is more widely regarded as a “caregiving” website, you can book other services on the site in addition to sitters. The website can also be used for school support, geriatric care, housekeeping, pet care, and specialized care for those with special needs.



Sitter, like most other childcare applications, recommends providers based on common friends and their recommendations. It connects you directly with your social media contacts who also use the app, allowing you to exchange profiles of potential babysitters and ask precise questions based on your requirements.

While shared connections and a trustworthy network are important aspects of the app, it is also focused on showing off. You can even organize an in-person meeting with them after reviewing their separate profiles and selecting one that best meets your demands before using their services.

You can add a babysitter to your list of preferred or go-to caregivers if you are pleased with the quality of their work and have had a great experience using them. This allows you to use their services again without having to search for them or another sitter using the algorithm and interview them again. You can designate some sitters as “favorites” to ensure that they receive priority notification of a sitter needs and are the first to reply. This is really beneficial to both the parents and the babysitters.


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